Writing about Society, Politics, Religion and Culture. You know all the thing you’re told not to talk about with your boss.

Or…Why white people need to accept their history of hate.


I recently watched the Netflix limited series “Amend: The Fight For America”. This is a series about the history of the 14th Amendment. Personally, I think this should be required viewing for students all over America. It’s educational, moving, and it illuminates the history of hate and racism in America.

How erotica can help you have a better writing tool box.

Erotica can be the first step for a lot of writers.

Erotica is an often maligned genre that gets a bad rap from just about everyone. However, there are a lot of basic skills that both a beginning writers and experienced ones can learn from writing erotica.

It’s not about the sex. It’s about painting a picture of sex, or better…

David Shorb

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