First Post of Many

So I thought I would put up a quick post. I wanted to say a few things about what this is going to be about, and what kinds of things The SkyPilot Project Will be covering from time to time.

First we will be covering stories about issues that affect Low-Income Families and individuals. Things like the Food Stamp Program, Healthcare, and other programs that help low income families and individuals.

I am hoping to get a few volunteer writers here over the next few months so we can have more consistent coverage, however right now I’m the only one really writing the articles for this right now. I am going to put up some archive posts from that I’ve written for the blog and those will be tagged as such. For example “Archive Post: Post Title Here” so that way you know what is current and what is an archive post.

The article that are written here are mostly opinion pieces and not news reporting. We will mostly be commenting on the news, not reporting news. So it’s important to know the difference.

Anyways that’s all I’ve got for now.

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David Shorb

Writing about Society, Politics, Religion and Culture. You know all the thing you’re told not to talk about with your boss.